Who We Are

We specialize in services relating to stock-based compensation – Employee Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase, Performance Shares, Restricted Stocks, RSUs, Stock Appreciation Rights, Phantom Stock, etc. We help you conceptualize, design, structure and implement the right stock-based scheme(s) and also help you explain it to your people.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, designing an ESOP Scheme is a fairly comprehensive exercise where you thoroughly answer questions like – who should get, why should they get, how much, over what period, what terms and conditions, should the conditions be different for different employee groups, how much equity should I dilute, what if the IPO does not happen (for an unlisted company), should I buy back the ESOP shares from the employees, what if the markets go down, is there a magic in the 5% equity dilution that everyone seems to talk about, etc.

It is not just an ESOP Scheme. It is a gesture by which you are trying to make your team think, feel and act the way you do for your organisation. In many cases, it is actually an Emotional Stock Option Scheme. You can’t do such a thing in a hurry or, as some people suggest – “just copy and paste some other company’s ESOP Scheme”. It is your company. They are your people. The Scheme needs to fit your company, your people, and that’s what matters!