Blowing our Trumpet – Part II

Urban Clap

Sana Nayar, Vice President Human Resources
We had worked with the Just Esops team in mid 2015 when we were putting our ESOP policy in place and operationalising the scheme. The team comes in with a great market intelligence and were on point in understanding the needs of the organisation and helped us tailor a scheme to suit our needs very quickly with no compromise on quality.


Prince Pipes

Parag Chheda, Executive Director
We’ve had the opportunity to work with the most renowned ESOP consultancy firm JUSTESOPs. They are perfectly professional and too quick in understanding our ESOP need and have provided honest, competent and thorough advice to us for setting up the best and perfect ESOP plan for our Company. Special thanks to Garima Sharma for completion of our ESOP assignment in a very limited period of time


ICA Edu Skills

Narendra Shyamsukha, Chairman
Once we engaged with Just Esops, they immediately started their work. They quickly understood our organization structure, future plans and incorporated all the intricacies into the esop scheme seamlessly. Garima has patiently gone through multiple iterations with us and was a great support throughout the process.


Narnolia Securities

Vikram Wadekar, Director – Human Resources
We had a very thorough and professional experience working with Just Esops when we had engaged them for the introduction and implementation of the ESOPs scheme at Narnolia. They effectively handheld us through all the stages of conceptualization, documentation, communication and statutory compliance. They are well experienced and well versed with their subject and had answers to practically all our queries and a solution for all situations, at the same time they are very cognizant of the statutory compliance and asserted strongly wherever necessary. The result was a very balanced and 100% compliant ESOPS scheme covering all our requirements. Garima Sharma was leading the assignment from Just Esops side and we found her all competent, knowledgeable and professional in the entire process of implementing.


Arvind ltd

Jagdish Dalal, CEO – Corporate Affairs and Sr. Vice President – Legal & Secretarial
We have utilised the services of Just Esops for many of our group companies under Arvind Group and they are extremely good at what they do. Ms. Garima completely understood our requirements and objectives for each of our companies and provided correct solutions. Just Esops took care of all aspects relating to ESOP ranging from understanding objectives, structuring scheme, drafting legal documents to accounting, valuations and disclosures.



Shivakumar Ganesan, Founder & CEO
Just Esops team has been instrumental in conceptualizing and deploying the ESOP programme at Exotel. Their guidance was useful in coming up with an effective yet compliant plan.


Flemingo Duty Free

Sudipta Basu, General Manager – Human Resources
Justesop was unbelievably helpful to me when we decided to launch ESOP. They offered a comprehensive insight to the entire ESOP process with all latest regulations. The level of professionalism and personal service was amazing! I felt each time that I was the only client they had. I want to thank you so much Garima for your time & advise to conclude our project on time.


Cisco Private Equity

Pratik Bose
JE came highly recommended to us from one of the pioneers in Indian venture capital. We first used them in a flagship investment and found that Tarun and team not only dot their i and cross their t in this work to perfection but that Tarun himself is an excellent advisor and partner to the board and senior management.


The Ratnakar Bank

Rajeev Ahuja – Head Strategy & Financial Markets
As a growing organisation we needed someone who brought domain expertise and a high-touch engagement with us. We have now had a long association with Just Esops and what sets them apart is that they bring a personal engagement from start to finish. You see the same set of people who came to pitch and those who finally deliver.

8.Client Ratnakar Bank

Inox Group

Deepak Asher – Director & Group Head (Corporate Finance)
We have known and worked with the management team of Just Esops for several years now. They helped us formulate the first ESOP scheme for the Inox Group. They are an extremely competent and professional set of people, who not only conceive but also operationalize a successful ESOP plan to meet with the objectives of the company and the aspirations of the beneficiaries of the ESOP.  Their in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework and industry practices helps in devising and implementing a successful ESOP scheme.

3. Inox Group

Destimoney Enterprises

K Giri, Chief Finance Officer
Tarun is very passionate about ESOPS as a way to align the interest of shareholders and employees. His encyclopedic knowledge and expertise in this area makes him an ideal partner to design and develop appropriate ESOP framework in a consultative manner. Just Esops provided the complete package from the scheme, board resolution to communication package to employees.

4. Destimoney

Prime Focus Technologies

Ramki Sankaranarayanan, President and CEO
We wanted our esop project done in flat one month. They did it. With no compromise on personal attention and quality.

5. Prime Focus Tech


Guardian Lifecare

Ashutosh Garg, CMD
They very quickly understood the Esop needs of our organisation and developed an excellent plan for us.

6. Guardian


Bala Deshpande, Senior MD
Our portfolio companies have been happy with the way they appropriately tailor-make the Esop Scheme to suit their individual requirements.  They are responsive and good at managing the expectations of all stakeholders.

7. NEA

Jungle Ventures

Amit Anand, Founder & Managing Partner
Just Esops has been extraordinary in providing professional and knowledgeable solutions for many our startups employee incentive programs.  Tarun has been an invaluable partner to the founders with his sensitive approach towards balancing employee and company benefits.

26. Jungle Ventures

Enam Securities (Investment Banking Group)

Anay Khare, Head – Capital Markets Products
I value the continued support from Tarun in assisting companies design ESOP Schemes to suit their specific requirements. He has been able to bridge the knowledge gap with his understanding of the subject and effective communication skills.

23. Enam


Avigo Capital Partners

Saif Dhorajiwala
Tarun is an exceptional professional and understands the complex nature of organisations and the short and long term impacts of implementing ESOP Schemes. He is creative at structuring these Schemes and effective in communicating its benefits to the employee and employer alike. I have worked on multiple assignments with him and have always found him extremely responsive to the clients’ needs.

22. Avigo Capital

Nimbus Communications

Dr Akash Khurana, Vice Chairman
Working with Just Esops is a different experience.  Apart from their deep-rooted experience in stock options, they also bring the warmth of a friend to the table. He is very committed to the work he does.

8. Nimbus Communications



Rajiv Vij, Managing Director
We found Tarun’s experience and knowledge in the area of stock-based compensation to be quite valuable. He presents various perspectives during the detailed interactive process which help you take the right decision that is best both for the company and its people. Most importantly, he works like a friend and not a ‘consultant’.

10. Carzonrent

RPG Enterprises

Arvind Agrawal, President – Corporate Development & HR
Over the years, Tarun has brought tremendous insight and experience in helping us develop and implement ESOP Schemes across various RPG Groups. He is very responsive in dealing with our numerous queries. We have found his support invaluable.

11. RPG Enterprises

Jindal Stainless

S K Jain, VP Group HR
I came in contact with Tarun Gulati when we were contemplating to design an ESOP Scheme for Jindal Stainless in the year 2007. I think Tarun is a ready reckoner on ESOP. Owing to his experience with a number of large and medium-size corporates in designing ESOP Schemes, he brings up the finer aspects of this motivational instrument in a very meaningful way. Besides technical aspects of ESOP design, he also advises on the behavioural impact of such motivational instruments. Tarun is a persuasive communicator and an interesting person to work with.

1.Client Jindal Stainless


Vijay Jain, CEO
It has been a truly great experience working with you and your Team. The Complexities of a ESOP are large touching not across merely statutory, regulatory & tax issues but areas such as performance, commitment, alignment of company and individual interest. Just Esops understanding of these complexities and comprehensive approach has allowed to evolve an extremely well balanced ESOP plan which aligns the interest of employees, the company and the shareholders. I must also congratulate you and your team for having spent time to build consensus across all stake holders with huge amount of  patience and commitment !!

16.Client Orra

S.Chand Group

Dinesh Jhunjhnuwala, Vice Chairman
On behalf of S.Chand Group, I want to acknowledge the thoroughly professional approach taken by you and your company in helping us implement the ESOP scheme at our company. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you and we are happy that we engaged you over others. We could see how passionate you are about your work and you explained us all the nuances and made everything look relatively simple. We were very confused about everything till you came on board and gave us the run down. Keep up the good work.

52.Client S Chand

HummingBird Travel & Stay

Vivek Madappa, Co-founder & CEO
There are many legal or CA firms that are capable of preparing ESOP plans. However when HummingBird Travel & Stay Pvt Ltd decided to introduce employee stock option plan we chose to go to a firm whose core focus is just ESOPs. Just ESOP team helped us work out a practical and easy to implement plan. I would recommend JUST ESOP to any organization that wishes to plan and execute their ESOP plan.

24.Client Hummingbird

eMids Technologies

Balasubramanian Viswanathan, Vice President & CFO
I found Tarun to be very knowledgeable on ESOP design and implementation aspects and was able to tailor the scheme to our requirements. Just Esops team’s turnaround time was very good and helped us implement the ESOP scheme very quickly.

24. emids

Tega Industries

Mehul Mohanka, Executive Director
When Tega in early 2011 decided to grant ESOPs to its employees we approached Just Esops to help us to formulate and design the Scheme which we would offer to our employees. Just Esops not only supported us in conceptualizing the Scheme in line with our corporate objectives and vision but hand held us through the entire process of implementing the Scheme right from explaining the Scheme to our employees to helping us with the regulatory and accounting issues. Just Esops has truly partnered us in our ESOP Scheme and has done commendable work of balancing the organisational ethos with the emotional quotient and expectations of the individual.

12.Client Tega Industries


Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO
We have engaged Just Esops to design our ESOP. Our experience with Just Esops is simply superb and Tarun is a thorough professional. I strongly recommend Tarun and Just Esops.

40.Client CRM IT

Interactive Avenues

Amardeep Singh, CEO
We had a fantastic experience with “Just Esops” who guided us through the entire process of structuring and creating our ESOP scheme in our early days. One needs a professional who has enough experience to be able to create a scheme keeping in mind a company’s objective and line of business and in Tarun we got exactly that.

25. Interactive Avenues

Value Edge

Rohit Anand, CEO
“Tarun and Just Esops are very passionate about ESOPs. Tarun believes in using ESOPs as a tool to incentivize and align the organization but his thinking goes far deeper into the context, the people and their personalities, individual motivators and the communication aspects. He is able to become a true partner in delivering a strong, well thought out ESOP plan. I highly recommend Tarun  and his team”.

Client Value Edge

Anand Mittal, Promoter
Tarun advised us on the complete design of our ESOP Scheme. We interacted extensively with him during this period and his knowledge and expertise on the subject was very useful, especially considering that the challenges are higher for an unlisted company.


Dabur Pharma Limited

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Vice President – HR
I have known Tarun since 2005. He was instrumental in suggesting a landmark ESOP Scheme for Dabur Pharma Limited which helped the company align the people cost with strategy and performance. Tarun is well versed with the contemporary compensation management issues and is excellent in relationship building.

13. Dabur Pharma


Air Deccan

Mohan Kumar, ex CFO
I had the pleasure of working with Tarun in formulating the ESOP Scheme for Air Deccan. He exhibited excellent skills in dealing with complexities attached to airline personnel. Tarun is also a likeable person.

19. Air Deccan

Kalpataru Power Transmission

M A Baraiya, Sr VP – HR
Tarun has excellent knowledge and experience on ESOP related matters. He has helped us in implementing ESOP successfully at JMC and also helped us initiating ESOP team for Kalpataru. His enthusiasm and positive approach has supported his subject knowledge to help him become a very successful professional. I, on behalf of my organization, wish him all the very best in his new endeavour and would love to be associated with him personally and professionally.

18. Kalpataru Power Transmission

Bajaj Electricals

R Ramakrishnan, Executive Director
Tarun Gulati partnered very closely with us in Bajaj Electricals in understanding the requirements in formulating an ESOP strategy, detailing out the ESOP plans, presenting it to our Board of Directors and helping us in executing it effectively. He brings a rich experience in the ESOP area coupled with excellent communication and persuasion skills.

9. Bajaj Electricals

GE Shipping

G Shivakumar, CFO
It was a pleasure dealing with you on the ESOP Schemes for our company and our subsidiary, and I value the professional advice you gave us in structuring the schemes appropriately keeping in mind our specific requirements. On a personal note, it was a pleasure to deal with you, since you were so quick to respond with practical suggestions whenever we got stuck or confused (which happened very often!)

12. GE Shipping

Veeda Clinical Research

Apurva Shah, Group Managing Director
His knowledge of the subject and his openness to hear and discuss our ideas makes me recommend him. Working with Tarun starts with a smile and a handshake and does not end after the task is done. He is always available to help out when needed.

14. Veeda Clinical Research

Dalmia Cements

Amandeep Gupta, Executive Director – HR
Tarun is a thorough professional with clarity of thought, ability to influence through logic, understanding of business and excellent knowledge of strategic imperatives of leadership compensation. In our interactions, he came across as one man army to deliver our requirements.

15. Dalmia Cement

Lifestyle International

Sundararaman, President Group Finance
When it comes to advice on ESOP, the first person who comes to my mind is Tarun Gulati. Tarun, with his thorough understanding of the subject, can offer custom-made solutions on ESOP. A proactive approach to issues, quick response time and innovative solutions are some of the qualities that make Tarun a true professional.

17. Lifestyle

Pyxis Systems

Sunil Nikhar, Promoter
Our interaction with Tarun was extremely professional. As a consultant he helped us focus on the needs of the company as well as needs of the employees. His individual image and work commitment was excellent and we will always prefer to use him again in our future ESOP related assignments. As an energetic and cheerful person it was fun working with Tarun during this engagement.

21. Pyxis Systems